Effective human connection has been at the core of every success I’ve experienced — business, family, marketing, sales, leadership, creating healthy cultures, and so on.

My aim with UNSTOPPABLE CULTURE is to share the principles, practices, and tools I have used to:

• build industry-leading businesses,
• nurture fierce employee and client loyalty,
• help others succeed at what is important to them,
• …and much, much more.

The entries strive to be thought-provoking in their angles, mixing art and science into tasty, bite-sized nuggets that get your mental wheels turning.

From better communication to operational insights – nurturing strong relationships to creative marketing to self-improvement and beyond – I’ll share experiences from my own journey and those of my clients and close associates aimed at sparking inspiration.

There are no book reports or rehashes of others’ content here. Every installment of UNSTOPPABLE CULTURE is an original creation.

What to Expect

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Serial-parallel entrepreneur. Multiple exits. Built a #1 national profit leader. Pivoted a top 1% national revenue producer. Love helping mission-driven, intentional difference-makers nurture cultures that allow them to transcend accepted norms.